Player Profile: Gavin Keeler


Name: Gavin Keeler

Sport: Wrestling

Grade: 11

Weight class: 125

Fun facts about Gavin:

  • He used to do gymnastics
  • He loves to study weather
  • He wants to enter the Air Force or SOWT (Special operations weather technician)
How long have you been wrestling?

“This is my second year.”

What is one of the biggest influences in your wrestling career?

“One of the biggest influences of my career has to be the coaches, most notably coach Mitch Hyrnak. He really has helped me to get a lot better, and had he not helped me over the summer, I may be having a very different outlook on this season. He also was very successful in his own wrestling career, which helps a ton with insight to get better. As for starting wrestling, I decided to start because I really liked the idea of [trying] something new and challenging myself.”

How has wrestling impacted your life?

“Wrestling has impacted my life in a very positive way; I now translate the work ethic [of wrestling] into real life. Also, I have been taught mental and physical toughness, which helps in all aspects of life.”

What are your goals for the season?

“[My] goals for this season are simple: compete at all duals and tournaments, get a medal from any one of the tournaments, and come in the top three at least once.”