Do not get left in the dark


100 years in a lifetime. 365 days in a year.

Any year, any day, your life could be taken away.

One terrifying experience is enough to turn your world around. When a loved one is balancing on the edge of life and death, time seems to come to a staggering halt. You realize that the last time you had seen them may have been the last time you would ever see their beautiful smiles or hear their wondrous laughs.

When you press on the brakes of life, you realize how much you take living for granted. Breathing, laughing, loving, living. So many things in your life are overlooked every single day that you live. So many magnificent humans and phenomenon in everyday life are as overlooked as the dirt on the sole of your shoes.

The loving voice of your benevolent best friend, the warm touch of your mother’s hand, and the comforting face of your siblings. All of these things are taken for granted. You never know when the last time you will get to experience the love you feel from the most important people in your life will be. But for some reason, you never stop to think how much you need to have the love of these people in your life. You never realize how lost you would be without them.

When something is gone, you long for it so much more than when it was constantly resting before your eyes. When it was there, you never paid attention to how much it called out your name; you never acknowledged how much it wanted you to look at it and see the beauty it held.

Just like all of the objects in the world, people scream out your name. They want you to hear their voice over the millions of others in the universe. Their voices, smiles, laughs, and hugs are the lights in your dark tunnel of life. They light the way to lead you to happiness, but if they turn off, you are left in the dark.

Where do you go now?

Never take life for granted. Never overlook the people that light up your world and fill your existence with happiness. One day, you may wake up, and things will never be the same as they were once before. People come and go. Relationships aren’t always forever, but true friendship and happiness will always stay in the center of your heart.

Thank the people who have made you who you are. Cherish the lives of those around you. You never know when somebody’s light will begin to fade.

Do not get left in the dark.