Life is important


Everyone has killed a bug before. Maybe some have gone hunting. How about being rude to someone because you were having an off day? No matter what you believe we all must acknowledge and respect life.

The way some insects move slower than others, or how some have vibrant colors and others are more camouflaged.

How plants seem to almost breathe and sway in the wind, as they grow just like you or me. Growing old and changing. Adapting to new terrain becoming resilient.  

Notice, every animal has its own personality. As you’re driving, notice how some deer are braver and will jump right into the road, and others are more hesitant and hang back. As you’re walking, notice how some dogs bound at people, while others seem calm and shy.

Observe the sounds of life around you.

The hum of the cicadas, the sound of the birds chirping, passing through your window. That single annoying cricket. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind, the stillness that surrounds you. Take it all in. Remember how important being alive is. Persevere that life, and appreciate it for at least a second.

Notice the people in your life. Notice how everyone is moving forward with you in the rat race of life. Notice the different personalities. Notice the love they are capable of. How they go day to day never realizing their potential. What they are capable of and can do.  Now try and relate this to the animals, plants, and bugs around you.

They are all moving forward. They all have different personalities. And yes they are capable of love, just not how we would recognize love.

Of course, many of us recognize animals’ love but others give love as well. Plants love us by giving oxygen, food, and being beautiful. Bugs love us too. Spiders keep annoying flys and other bugs at bay, while decomposers like flys get rid of our waste.

All life is capable of and deserves love and respect.  

That’s why I feel it is important to stop and appreciate life. All life. The bugs, animals, plants, and of course, people.

Instead of smashing that ant, maybe try to save it.

Instead of just cutting down trees, plant new ones.

Instead of going hunting, try a nature walk.

And instead of being consciously rude to the people around you, make someone’s day.  

Acknowledge and respect life.