Jeff Tweedy’s album Warm left me feeling disappointed

Jeff Tweedys album Warm left me feeling disappointed

I have been feeling bored recently. My life consists of the same things every day; nothing new or exciting happens to me much. So, I decided to go hunting for music outside my normal pop realm in hopes of making my life seem more spirited.

I came across a new rock album called Warm by Jeff Tweedy. I am not really a fan of rock, but I was desperate. Unfortunately, it did the opposite of what I was hoping. The album made me feel like a homesick child; I wanted my normal back.

As a whole, Warm was kind of lifeless; the ocean of sound I floated on was dormant. There was no climax in most of his songs, and Tweedy’s vocals were not that impressive. I waited impatiently for something to happen and felt utterly disappointed when nothing did.

I don’t know much about rock, but the album sounded more country at times. The somewhat slow and sad rhythm did not seem like rock. The electric guitar and occasional drum beat were the only things that sounded similar to the stereotypical rock genre. This was particularly noticeable in Tweedy’s song “Don’t Forget”.

A constant feeling I had while listening to each song was confusion. The lyrics did not make much sense. Words were endlessly running circles in my head. The more I tried to understand, the more perplexed I became. “How Hard It Is For A Desert To Die” was probably the most puzzling song.

The one thing I got from the lyrics was the intended emotion. For most of the songs, I felt a slight heartache in my chest. Although, it would be a much stronger feeling if I could actually understand the lyrics. “The Red Brick” is the best example of this.

I found music videos for the songs “Some Birds” and “I Know What It’s Like.” If I had to describe them in one word, it would be creepy. The “Some Birds” video includes Tweedy getting his hair cut in reverse. The weird part is that another him is watching, and he is uncomfortably conscious of it. The “I Know What It’s Like” video is Tweedy’s floating head with strange patterns flashing around him. I understand that weird music videos are kind of a thing, but he went a little too far.

The song “How Will I Find You?” was spaced out really weirdly. Six minutes is way too long to repetitively say “How will I find you? I don’t know.” The gap between each line was awkward, and each line varied in length.

Tweedy’s album did not make it into my playlist; it fell short of my requirements in way too many ways. Instead of making me feel warm, I felt uncomfortable, discombobulated, and disinterested.

Maybe I will stay in my norm for a little while longer.