Ella Byam finds a story worth telling in everything


Everything begins with a story. Some people choose to listen to the story, and others choose to share it with the world. For junior Ella Byam, there is a story worth telling in everything.

Whether it’s her friends, her family, travel, or sports, Ella has a talent for turning mundane moments into special, meaningful videos.

“I’ve always had a passion for photography and slowly started getting more into videography,” Ella said. “I like the story it tells. Instead of posting a picture on Instagram, I think posting a video is more personal. It shows that you put in time and effort and that you care about them. I love making videos.”

Her inspiration for these videos comes from her familial support system; they share some of the same passions that she does. Ella says that her father is like her mentor when it comes to photography, an activity that he grew up doing. Her mother is the one who encourages her to travel, pushing the mentality that it “builds up character.”

Ella and her family have been to many places throughout the world, and her travels are another part of what her love for photography stems from.

“I love to travel with my family,” Ella said. “We’ve gone all over the world, and I just love it. I’d rather spend money on experiences than items because I think they’re so much more valuable; I just love to travel the world and see new places.”

One of the most influential trips Ella’s ever taken, though, was her trip to Switzerland. It was there that she was able to connect with family members she hadn’t even known about before. It also gave her the chance to explore a new culture.

“[Switzerland] was life-changing,” Ella said. “I love it there so much. My grandma grew up there, and we found her house that she was born in. Surprisingly, we found her cousins there that she had never met before. We didn’t even know about them, but they took us up the mountain, and we had dinner with them. It was so cool.”

Colorado is another one of Ella’s favorite places. She has been skiing ever since she could walk, and she says she it’s something she’s always been in love with.

Her friends, however, are what she considers to be her biggest inspiration of all.

“I have a really good group of core best friends,” Ella said, “and that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. They’re always there for me, and they never let me down. We all just have such good relationships, and it builds me up and makes me who I am.”

The videos that Ella makes for her friends are anything but ordinary. Featured on her Instagram are birthday videos, summer recap videos, and a multitude of other combinations of spectacular footage. She says that her videos are something that her friends love to watch, and they look forward to the videos leading up to their birthdays.

For Ella, this is what makes the process worth it.

“I try to make something perfect,” Ella said. “My favorite thing about photography is seeing the end product because I work so hard to finish it. I like to share it with the world. It’s so fun, and it’s something different about me that people don’t [usually] do.”

This love ultimately comes from Ella’s outgoing personality. Her ability to connect with others is just another part of how her videos come together.

“I think the thing that I’m most known for is being super outgoing,” Ella said. “I love meeting new people and talking to strangers and building relationships that aren’t already there. I just like talking to people.”

To the outside world, Ella’s story is that of a funny, outgoing, and bold person who loves to spread joy through her photography and videos. To Ella, her story stems from a love for her friends, her family, and her travel. Everything has a story, and Ella’s is just beginning.

“Every time you [travel], you see the world, and it’s so much bigger than you think,” Ella said. “It’s so eye-opening to see the culture and the different environment around you.”