Prismacolor markers changed my art experience

Throughout my artistic journey, I have used the bare minimum in terms of supplies. But for the first time, I have purchased $36 markers, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Prismacolor markers come in twelve different colors: Canary Yellow, Parrot Green, Dark Green, Crimson Red, Carmine Red, Ultramarine, Mulberry, Black, Dark Umber, Violet, and Pink.

Conveniently, each marker has a thin point side and a thick point size. The exterior of each marker is black with a line of color that indicates which color and the size of the marker on either side. For the thick side, it’s a thicker line, and for the thin side, its a thinner line. This is especially helpful when you’re zoned out while drawing; when you simply pick up the marker, you can obviously see which side is which. 

What I love most about these markers and makes them distinctive is the easy flow you feel as you drag it across the page. The bright, double-sided tips make it not only easy to change sizes, but also to carry the markers around.

Even the caps have a cool feature where a little piece juts out of the marker to stop it from falling off the table. I love this because when working on a table that’s tilted up more, the markers won’t roll down, making it easy to continue drawing without worrying about the markers rolling down.

I first tested the markers by drawing a sunflower in my sketchbook, and I was able to mix the yellow and orange, creating a shadow effect that I could never have accomplished with regular markers. I was able to point in some dots to create the center so effectively that I didn’t get annoyed like I usually do.

The funny thing is that I haven’t only used these markers for art. Initially, I bought these markers to complete my portfolio, but I’ve also been writing with them as well. The fun colors and easy flow have become addicting to me. Whenever I use a pen, I think, “This just isn’t the same,” and go back to the markers.

No longer will I use Crayola markers. I can never go back. These markers have changed the way I look at expensive art supplies. I used to ask “what’s the point?” The point is that they’re made for art, for an artist to succeed easier in what they want to create.

For every artist, whether a beginner or experienced, I recommend these markers.