An Ode

Cooper James, Staff Writer

This is an ode:


An ode to all

Who make it possible

For the world to

Function as it does.


Believing in something greater,

Something that lasts, and

Finding goodness in everyone.

An ode to humanity.


An ode to none

Who fall apart so

That others fall together.

For the selfless people.


The invisible puppet masters

That guide the order

And do the unseen.

An ode to selflessness.


An ode to many

Who do exactly what

Is asked of them.

Conforming to society’s rules.


Being a link in

The chain of life.

Not pushing the boundaries.

An ode to following.


An ode to few

Who stand out among

The masses and choose

To set themselves apart.


Who fulfill the standards

Of greatness that every

Generation needs to survive.

An ode to prosperity.


An ode to this

Life given to me.

With everything in it

That I’d ever need.


More than I could

Ask or could dream

I am forever grateful.

An ode to blessings.


An ode to that

Little thing called love.

That makes us do

What nothing else could.


It drives our actions,

And soothes our soul.

It breaks and builds.

An ode to love.


An ode to boys

For strength and endurance.

Through all the toil

Just to make due.


To the people who

Put forth so much

To gain an inch.

An ode to men.


An ode to girls

Who bear the sacrifice

Of themselves for family

And the greater good.


Who bear the next

Generation and shape, nurture,

And hold them tight.

An ode to women.


An ode to children

Who capture the innocence

And embrace the purity

That slowly must die.


The kids who play

And think about nothing

And have no worries.

An ode to bliss.


An ode to adults

That struggle with the

Weight and burden of

The real world problems.


To those who endure

Knowing that nothing will

Be a fairy tale.

An ode to perseverance.


An ode to these

Things that make me

Smile and laugh joyously.

To all the jokes


And all the things

that allow me to

Forget about facing problems.

An ode to joy.


An ode to those

Barriers and thick walls

That tumble down as

We lower our guard.


To peeling off the

Layers only to find

what is truly beneath.

An ode to friendship.


An ode to us.

What we could be

and what we are.

Knowing each other as


Well as the universe

Knows the stars and

The moon and planets.

An ode to loyalty.


An ode to it.

The state of existence

that gives us life

And gives us meaning.


To nature and beauty

And thinking and feeling.

Life must be sacred.

An ode to being.


An ode to them.

Everyone who has helped

Along the arduous journey.

To the educators and


People that push those

Today to lead tomorrow.

Keep molding the future.

An ode to mentors.


An ode to things.

Not money or status

But kindness and gentleness.

The things that matter.


Not the image that

One portrays but the

Things that one feels.

An ode to honesty.


An ode to you

Who keeps me sane,

And who I know

Has only pure intentions.


For believing in me

And always being there.

Providing comfort and warmth.

An ode to safety.


An ode to me,

Who I can never

Win or lose to

But only push to


Become a better person.

The person that is

There even through loneliness.

An ode to self.


An ode to Him

Who is as perfect

As perfect can be.

Who designed beauty and


Stands over the mountains.

Who will be there

Until the very end.

An ode to creation.