Player Profile: Liz Roub

Player Profile: Liz Roub

Name: Liz Roub

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Competitive Cheer

Five fun facts about Liz

  • She has 27 chickens
  • She used to foster dogs
  • She is very flexible
  • She has moved four times in her life
  • She has a refugee that lives with her

How long have you been cheering? 

“I have been cheering for two years, and I’m a flyer.”

Why do you cheer?

“I cheer because it’s fun, it keeps me active, and I love the team.”

What has been the biggest motivation in your competitive cheer career?

“The thing that keeps me motivated is the team and coach.”

Who inspired you to start competitive cheer?

“I started cheer because I wanted to do a school sport, and cheer is what all my friends did.”

What is your favorite cheer memory?

“My favorite cheer memory is when I got up into an extension for the first time.”

What is your favorite round in competitive cheer? 

“My favorite round is round three because I love stunting and tumbling.”

What three characteristics do you feel are most important for cheerleaders to possess? 

“I feel like the three most important characteristics of a cheerleader are spirit, enthusiasm, and trust. Spirit because you need to be happy to express your school. Trust because you need to trust your team when you fall, and [you need to] trust yourself that you can do it. Confidence because we need to be 100% sure [of] what we are doing.”

What do you think are the team’s best qualities? 

“Our team’s best quality is our bond because we are all best friends and are there for each other.”