Player Profile: Aidan O’Meara


Name: Aidan O’Meara

Grade: 10

Sport: Ski Team

What is your favorite part about skiing?
“I just love the feeling of gliding down the hill, especially when it’s sunny and you can see into the distance really far; that is just so beautiful.”

What is your favorite memory from skiing?

“My favorite memory is probably when my cousins and I got lost in Whistler, and we just didn’t care and kept skiing all over the resort. It was just so much fun and really crazy.”

What are you looking forward to this season?

“I’m looking forward to everything, but I’m really pumped because I’m hoping to make varsity this year. Also [the] varsity [team] gets dinner at the races, so that’s great too.”

What is your best race?

“I would say that the GS (giant slalom) is my best because it is the easier out of the two races we compete in, and it is less technical, which is good for me because I’m new to racing.”

How long have you been skiing?

“I have been skiing since the fourth grade.”

Where is your favorite place to ski?

“My favorite place to ski is anywhere out west. The mountains are beautiful and huge, and the views they have are so amazing on the top.”