Player Profile: Sawyer Bosch


Name: Sawyer Bosch

Grade: 10

Sport: Wrestling

Three fun facts about Sawyer

  • He is in the 171 lbs weight class
  • His favorite takedown is the double leg
  • He finished third place in two tournaments last year

How long have you been wrestling?

“This is my second year wrestling.”

What are you most excited for this season?

“I’m most excited for the duals that our team is competing in.”

What is your favorite part of the sport?

“I really enjoy the team comradery and just having fun with it.”

How did you get into wrestling?

“I wanted to stay fit for football and lacrosse.”

Who is your inspiration in your sport?

“Brad Anderson is a good inspiration because he gives us good speeches.”

What are the team’s best qualities?

“We are all really compatible, we work well with each other, and we all trust each other.”

What three characteristics do you feel are most important for a wrestler to possess? 

“Mental strength, being humble, and being smart are most important. It’s a really hard sport, so you have to be mentally strong to keep wrestling even if you’re not feeling your best.”