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John McCormick

Spray Falls on Lake Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.

Michigan, Where’s Summer?

February 23, 2016

The heartbeat of the sea awakened as waves washed onto the shore while dawn made its appearance across the sky. The sun shining on the water reflected a mirror image of the entire ocean. Not a single cloud made the sky completely empty for the sun to occupy. Sand baked on shore from the heat radiating from the sky, and sizzles could be heard as the cool water danced onto the burnt sand. The smell of salt captured the nose with a sting from the dominant amount of bitterness within the sea. Freshness could be tasted as a breeze arose seasoning the bitterness that hung in the air beforehand. The willow tree’s branches sunk down protecting its inhabitants from the boiler within the sky. A cool puff of wind emitted from each swing of branches underneath of the willow. People crowded the beach taking up as much space as they could to bake under the sun, trying to achieve that desirable summer’s glow. There were people were huddling together on top of beach towels, running around with a ball, or simply swimming in the sea. Laughter floated in the air, pure happiness could be seen; people of all ages stood with an enormous gaping smile, teeth and all, representing how truly great life was in this one moment.

I miss this; I miss summer. The dire need to be sitting on the beach and not in a classroom has become too high to be bearable anymore. I’m tired of the cold. I keep looking at my shorts in the morning when getting ready for school. My heart breaks every time I am forced to put my shorts back and reach for my jeans and a sweater. No matter how hard I try to focus in class, my mind wanders off to the beach, ice cream, and all the adventures I could be experiencing under the sun.

Every night at around 6 pm, my dad would come home and he would take my brother and I to get ice cream. This became a tradition we did in the summer at least once a week. This simple little tradition that we would do became a part of my summer; a summer wouldn’t be the same without this tradition. And to be honest, I simply can not put into words how excited I am for those trips to the ice cream shop.

I don’t even care if my summer doesn’t live up to my expectations, I just want it to be warm again. I want to wake up in the morning and for it to be sunny, not a dark, icy, blob. I want to be able to walk outside in sandals and no coat. I want to go on an adventure with my friends, and not have a care in the world. But this is too much to ask for since I do live in Michigan, it’ll be a couple more weeks of a wait and probably another snow storm. I can wait, I can do this, I hope.

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