Girls varsity basketball preview: Northview Wildcats


The girls varsity basketball team comes into its first conference game off of a thrilling win over Rockford to take home the trophy in the Cornerstone Holiday Tournament. FHC looked sharp and was able to execute well in this win against the Rams, and the Rangers were able to avenge their only loss, which came to Rockford earlier in the season. The 5-1 Lady Rangers will travel to the 4-1 Northview Wildcats for the OK White conference opener tomorrow night.

When these two teams played in Northview’s gym last season, the game was decided in the final 30 seconds, as the game was tied until the Wildcats’ best free throw shooter was sent to the line. She sunk both, and Northview snatched the 43-41 victory. Later in the year, the Rangers thoroughly outplayed the Wildcats to win 45-32 at home. 

Northview’s only loss this season, similarly to FHC, is courtesy of Rockford. The Rams and Wildcats battled in the first game of the season, and Rockford walked away victorious 55-48 in a hard-fought game. The Wildcats are a very talented team that holds a senior-heavy and experienced roster. Players to watch out for will be senior center Sam Underhill and senior guards Sydney Klekotka and Shakyia Parker. These three are the main playmakers for Northview, but the whole starting lineup is solid and can score points when needed.

While FHC looks young on paper, the level of play that the Rangers display is anything but inexperienced. The two starting freshmen, Theryn Hallock and Remmie Ingraham, have proven to be calm and collected in big moments and have been keys to FHC’s dominant play all season. Remmie and FHC’s other post, senior Kaitlyn Piontkowsky, will be tasked with shutting down Sam Underhill, while Theryn and senior Claire Baguley will likely take on Sydney and Shakyia.

Claire comes into this game off of two stellar performances in the Holiday Tournament, where she combined for 50 points and earned the Tournament MVP award. This four-year varsity player has been key from the point guard position for the Rangers so far this season, and continued high scoring from her will lead to a successful FHC team the rest of the year.

FHC and Northview play very similarly and look to be rather evenly matched, despite stark contrasts in age on the rosters, and they will be the two main contenders for the OK White title this year. This will likely be a competitive, scrappy game tomorrow night, but if the Rangers can keep up their airtight defense of late and find a spark on the offensive end, look for FHC to walk away with the win.