Forest Hills gymnastics team places fifth in Rockford Flip-Flop Invite


The Forest Hills gymnastics team had a hard-fought meet on Saturday. FH’s final outcome was not what they had hoped, as they ended up taking fifth place; however, there were several gymnasts who excelled in some areas during the meet.

One of the top-performers was junior Olivia Jeong. Olivia excelled in her vault routine and was able to score an astounding 8.7.

“Vault was by far my best event,” Olivia said. “We are definitely going to have to work on increasing our difficulty and being more consistent as we move forward.”

Junior Hannah Walters also had a solid performance on the bars. Sadly, Hannah could only participate in the bars event because she is out with a foot injury as of right now.

Hannah was not the only team member who couldn’t compete to full strength this weekend. The team only had six total members competing for them this weekend. This was definitely an important factor in the final outcome of the meet.

“With only six people competing, we did pretty well,” Hannah said, “but once we are full strength and have everyone competing, I think that will really help the team and allow us to place higher in future meets.”

With several people missing, senior Maheen Mulligan was one of the other gymnasts with a good performance. Maheen did very well on beam and helped to give the team some confidence. The lack of members overpowered the team, and the Rangers weren’t able to pull through in the end.

“I think moving forward we need to just be a little more prepared,” Maheen said. “Gymnastics is tough because no matter how hard you practice, it’s no guarantee that you will have a good meet. If our head is in the game we do a lot better, but I think a lot of us just felt unprepared.”