Player Profile: Collin Snyder


Name: Collin Snyder

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Basketball

Position: Shooting Guard/ Small Forward

Why do you play basketball?

“I enjoy the competitiveness, and it is by far my best sport. The fact that everyone needs to work with each other to make a good team really proves that this sport is a ‘together’ sport.”

What has been the biggest inspiration in your basketball career?

“I never really had one; I just tried out basketball for fun and enjoyed it, so I played more, and it got me to the point where I am now.”

What is your favorite basketball memory?

“When I was playing East Grand Rapids, we were down by 2, and I had about 20 points. It was a close game, and the coach called an out-of-bounds play [designed for] me to get a shot. I got wide open in the left corner and hit the game-winning three.”

What do you think are the team’s best qualities?

“The ability to score at will and our ability to play defense are by far our best attributes. The fact that we can score on multiple plays and finish with 60 plus points really shows our skill.”

What do you think about Coach Monroe?

“I personally think he’s a great coach overall. He knows what plays to run at the right times and how to get guys open for a good shot.”