Player Profile: Gideon Henry


Name: Gideon Henry

Grade: 9

Sport: Swim and Dive

Years Swimming: 2

How has your second year on varsity been different than your first?

“It’s been hard to adapt to [having more] pressure [on me], but I continue to work as hard as I can to improve.”

What has been the best part of swimming?

“The best part is the fact that swimming is physically demanding, and it makes me have to work as hard as I can; swimming makes me stay physically active.”

How has the senior leadership and sense of family on the team helped you?

“I think the [sense of family] on the team helps everyone continue their laps and get done what they need to get done. I think the seniors’ pep-talks help me stay focus and swim my hardest; I aspire to swim like them.”

Who has been your closest teammate?

“I think my best buddy on the team would be freshman Alex Schenck. He always tells [me] my times and what’s on the board because I can’t wear my glasses while I swim. He also helps cheer me on.”

Who is a senior that you look up to?

“I think everyone [on the team] would say Henry Schutte. He’s the best swimmer on our team, and I want to be as fast as him. He is also a really good leader and always says positive things to us.”