A positive mind for a life-changing year


The end of a year means the beginning of a new one.

2019 will bring new adventures, new people, new pain, and new lessons.

There are 365 new days to learn, love, and heal. There are 365 new days to achieve all that you wish for.

For some people, a year may seem as dull as a grain of dust. When looking at an entire lifetime, some may view the years of their life simply as the numbers that create their age. But in reality, a year is enough time to change your entire life, in a way unlike you have ever done before.

2019 may place at your feet the people and relationships that can turn your drowning life into a restored and blissful existence.  Their words of comfort, love, and happiness can show you the brighter side of life. The people that may enter your world may be those who are at your side until your last breath. With every new relationship built, cherish the moments and memories created; do not let go of those who place your life before their own.

The lessons 2019 may carry upon its back may be that of love or loss. People may seem to turn their back on you, but those who come to lift you to your feet are those who are there to stay forever. You may learn that friendships are not always forever, and people can be unbearably harsh, but you will always find people who try to drag you down with them. As they leave one by one, you feel yourself becoming more content; see the people who love and care about you. Learn that the best way to live a life of prosperity is by surrounding yourself with those who wish to be surrounded by you.

In the new year, never back away from opportunities. If you are presented the chance to do something amazing, why would you ever say no? Trying new things and learning from one-of-a-kind experiences can teach you so much about how to live a life filled with optimism. Protesting opportunities and declining invitations will often only result in regret. Regret resigns in your body and lingers forever, but living a fearless lifestyle will only result in the life you have always dreamed of living.

As the new year begins to unfold, keep in mind the importance of relationships, love, and opportunities. Allow the light shining into your life to extend to those around you. Help lift up those who are down; spread the love you have gained to all of those who surround you. As the doors close to 2018, embrace the beginning of this new year with a mindset solely on positivity.