Player Profile: Ava Metaj


Name: Ava Metaj

Grade: 10

Sport: Girls JV Basketball

What is something your team does together before the game?

“We usually do our 20-minute warm-up, and then we go back in the locker room and all circle up and talk. We like to get everyone ready for the game so that no one is feeling nervous, and we always try to keep positive energy with each other.”

Do you play any other sports besides basketball?

“Yeah, although I do plan on playing basketball all throughout the rest of high school, soccer is definitely my main sport. I’ve been playing [soccer] for as long as I can remember, and I really enjoy both sports.”

How is the team chemistry?

“It’s definitely gotten better over the season, and we’ve all started to get a lot closer with each other. I hope that we get closer and closer throughout the rest of the season because I think it’ll really help with our team, and it will definitely increase our communication skills on and off the court.”

What are you looking forward to most for this season?

“I’m really looking forward to doing well in our conference and winning more games. Also, I’m really looking forward to becoming closer as a team.”

What is a personal goal you have for the rest of this season?

“I really want to work on making more of my shots and playing even stronger defense than I have been playing. I also want to work on stepping up and being a leader for my team.”