Wildroast Coffee Co. is the coffee shop I’ve been waiting for


There is nothing better than having strong coffee warm your throat, eating sweet pastries that make your taste buds dance, and being with friends to laugh with, all at one time. So when I heard about a new coffee shop in Hudsonville called Wildroast Coffee Co., I made plans to go with a friend almost right away.

The moment I walked in, my senses nearly burst from taking in all the unfamiliar and exciting things. The aroma of wood and coffee invaded my nose. Sunlight streamed in through the large front window, warming my skin. Voices and music filtered through my ears. My eyes wandered, fixating on every little thing.

I immediately felt serene yet pumped. I was ready to tackle my studying and to chat with my friend. I wanted to stay there forever.

However, that would not have been possible. Wildroast Coffee Co. has only been open for a little over a week and it was already crazy crowded. People just kept coming in like waves of an ocean beating against the shore. If that isn’t a good sign, then I don’t know what is.

The line may have been insanely long, but the staff handled it really well. They worked quickly and managed to get people in and out in what seemed like record time. Neither the employees nor the quality of the food and drinks faltered against the racing clock.

Not only was the staff fast, but they were also kind. They cheerfully talked to the customers like they were old acquaintances, and the employees helped create a great atmosphere for the customers and coffee shop as a whole.

Wildroast Coffee Co. is a fantastic place for everybody. All ages are welcome, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. While there, people can either order to go or enjoy the warm atmosphere and free wifi to get some work done.

The number of places to sit was astonishing. There was a main space with wooden tables and super comfortable chairs. They even had a counter by the front window and where they make the coffee. There were also two more secluded areas with brown couches, tables, and chairs.

One of my favorite parts was the chic decor. A few pieces of art added a pop of color and texture to the walls, and succulents and grassy plants helped keep the air fresh. A large brick wall and elegantly detailed ceiling showed the charming character of the building.

The menu has a wide variety of reasonably priced choices available for everyone. They have everything from sandwiches and sweets to tea and lattes. Wildroast Coffee Co. even has gluten-free and vegan options for those with allergies.

I bought a gluten-free apple muffin that was incredible. The top was crunchy and crisp while the rest was soft, and it tasted exactly like a cinnamon apple.

We both decided we needed caffeine in our systems in order to study properly. So I had a mocha latte with almond milk, and my friend had a caramel latte, which was both creamy and delicious. They had a little design on the top made with white foam that made me almost not want to drink it.

Wildroast Coffee Co. is a place that everyone must go to at least once. The whole building seems to be protected by an umbrella of tranquility and euphoria. It is definitely a place I will return to more than once.