Player Profile: Bryce Hysong


Name: Bryce Hysong

Grade: 10

Sport: Wrestling

Weight class: 130

Years Wrestling: 2

Four interesting things about Bryce

  • He just moved here
  • Wrestling is his favorite sport
  • He also does cross country
  • He enjoys skiing

How did you start wrestling?

My dad told me about it, so I tried it.”

Was there a match that really stood out to you?

“Last year I had a really big placement match that I wrestled in in Utah, and I won. It was for a multi-state tournament.”

Do you wrestle outside of the school?

“Last year, I wrestled outside of my school.”

Who has been a big influence on your wrestling career?

“My coach, Coach Anderson. All of the stuff that he tells us is really great.”

What has been your favorite thing Coach Anderson has done?

“He showed us a video about a famous wrestler; [what I got from it was] win or lose, you get what you earn.”