Leo’s Coney Island Offers Something for Everyone

Leos Coney Island Offers Something for Everyone

Sam Noonan, Staff Writer

I’ve driven by it too many times to count. I’d been telling myself that I’d finally go eat there sometime, but I never brought myself to do it.  After finally deciding to give it a try, my family and I set off on our way to Leo’s Coney Island on 28th Street. Residing where my beloved Family Video used to be, Leo’s mixes Mediterranean food with coney dogs oozing American spirit.

The neon front sign stands out against the bleak strip mall-esque building, and walking through the door, the first thing I noticed was how clean the restaurant looked. The bright booths and tile floor exude a clean and modern vibe, and the drum-shaped lights give off a gentle glow, further adding to the look.  The large windows give a lot of natural light, although they also seem to make the restaurant a bit cold. I was surprised by how quiet it was in the restaurant, even though I ate earlier than most people do. My family and I quickly seated ourselves in a large corner booth, and we were greeted cheerily by our waitress. After getting our drinks, we looked over the diverse menu teeming with options. Choosing my dinner was a difficult decision, but I settled on their gyro, as it’s not something I eat very often.

My food arrived in about 15 minutes – a bit slow, but still okay because we were informed beforehand that it would take about this long. The food was warm, not too hot and not too cold, though my gyro didn’t stay wrapped very easily, leading to a messy yet delicious meal. The bread was soft and tasty, and was my favorite part of the wrap. The tzadziki sauce also accented the tomatoes and onions nicely, completing the meal for me. I found myself satisfied, although a slightly larger portion would have been even better. Although the gyro was good, I think I’ll try a coney dog next time. After all, they must be good at a place like this.

Overall, Leo’s Coney Island is a great place to go if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat. It’s one of those “not fast food, not fancy food” places, providing good food that isn’t too expensive in a welcoming environment. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, and the service is quick and reliable. A word of warning to students though: there’s a large chance that you’ll either be waited on or seen by a student who works at Leo’s, so that may be a problem for some. As long as you don’t mind wearing a sweatshirt, Leo’s should be a place that you come back to time and time again – I know it will be for me.