The authentic taqueria Loco Taco is surely the best Mexican restaurant on 28th street


All around Grand Rapids, many Mexican restaurants are popping up claiming to be the most authentic. Located directly off of 28th street lies a newly-hidden taqueria that seems to have jumped straight out from the streets of Mexico.

As I walked into Loco Taco, I was expecting to find myself inside of what I thought would look and feel just like a Qdoba or Chipotle. But when I opened the door, I learned that my initial expectations could not have been any more incorrect.

Spanish music played throughout the dining area, and the scent of tacos, tortillas, and tortas filled my body with every breath I took. Clean, wooden tables of four were placed in rows throughout the restaurant and reflected the sunlight pouring in from the grand windows. The decor was modern, yet it remained comfortable and made the taqueria feel even more authentic.

As my friend and I walked up to the counter to order, we were shocked to see the plethora of options available to order. Everything from tacos to salads was available to purchase and all for an extremely cheap price. Authentic tacos for just under two dollars was a surprise for me to see, but it was certainly refreshing to find delicious food for a well-set price.

From the moment we opened the door, an employee was ready to take our order. There was never a moment where we had to wait to be helped; we were always served with a welcoming smile.

When I ordered two steak tacos, I was delighted to see that it was made exactly to my order. The employee took my tacos down a bar filled with different items to put inside. Everything from tomatoes to cheese and guacamole was available, so no matter what type of food somebody may like, every customer can make a taco exactly how they enjoy it.

After I paid the cheap price for my two large tacos, I sat down and took a bite of the colorful, fresh meal sitting before me. With each bite I took, the flavor was better than the last. Numerous different seasonings danced around my mouth; never was there a flavor that made me anything but satisfied.

As I ate my tacos, the food all felt and tasted as fresh as a salad in the summertime. The vegetables were crisp, and the meat was perfectly seasoned. No flavor ever overpowered the others, but they all worked perfectly in unison.

The meal I had consumed for a much cheaper price was better than any food at a classic Qdoba or Chipotle chain that seems to be taking over the country. The pure authenticity of the homemade Mexican food was enough to make me rethink my many trips to any Americanized taco joint.