Player Profile: Rhosias Arius

Player Profile: Rhosias Arius

Name: Rhosias Arius

Grade: 9

Sport: Boys Freshman Basketball

Position: Center

Three fun facts about Rhosias

  • He plays football
  • He is always relaxed and cool
  • He was on JV football as a freshman

What is the biggest difference between middle school and freshman basketball?

“The biggest difference is how serious the games are. There is always a big lead up to the game, and all of the coaches and players are always scoped into their next opponent.”

What would you say is the strongest part of this team?

“Our defense has really led us the past couple games. We’ve managed to put up multiple high-scoring games due to our hustle on the defensive end.”

What has been the best memory this season so far?

“[My favorite part] of the season was when we won the Cornerstone Tournament. The locker room afterward was so fun, and it was just a great overall experience.”

What is a quote that helps motivate you?

“You’re never as good as your best, and you’re never as bad as your worst.” -Coach Hallock