Podcast Crime Junkie is the perfect source of entertainment for a busy life

Podcast Crime Junkie is the perfect source of entertainment for a busy life

My friend and fellow The Central Trend writer, Olivia Luplow, has talked my ear off on multiple occasions about her love for true crime podcasts. The expression of ‘I just can’t wait to get home and listen to my podcast!’ has punctuated a good majority of our conversations these past few weeks.

Given Olivia’s historically good taste, I decided to try my hand at podcast listening for the first time. Per her recommendation, I chose to spend my weekend with the true crime podcast Crime Junkie.

This podcast, which puts out one episode every week, is hosted by two women named Ashley and Brit and is based out of Indianapolis. The content of each episode varies from week to week, sometimes featuring a case that has been cold for fifty years and sometimes even digging into a missing person case that occurred less than a few weeks ago. Gruesome murder stories and tales of grand theft auto alike find a welcoming, albeit slightly creepy home in this podcast.

For example, I spent my Sunday morning hearing about two “family annihilators” who have both never been caught for multiple decades and occupied a spot on the FBI’s most wanted list.

While the juxtaposition of hearing about entire families being brutally murdered while I enjoy my morning cup of coffee may seem unsettling to some, the format of the podcast makes it much more palatable. While some other forms of true crime entertainment (I’m looking at you Dateline NBC) strictly give you the cold and dark facts and nothing more, Ashley and Brit differ from the norm. The two put their personalities into the stories they tell. They react to the horror they describe. They make (tasteful and appropriate) joking comments. They are actual human beings and not just monotonous robots.

In addition to the likability of the two co-hosts, the podcast is also extremely convenient to listen to. The longest episodes are just shy of an hour, and the shortest ones are just under thirty minutes. Also, the use of a podcast as a medium works completely in favor of the listener. With television, we are forced to sit and watch. We have to set aside a time solely devoted to watching whatever it is we’re watching. With podcasts, we are presented with the gift of multitasking.

This fact is what allowed me to wake up and go about my morning routine and listen to the terrifying tales simultaneously. I could very easily see someone listening to this podcast while driving, in the shower, or any other place where it would be extremely difficult to physically watch something.

So many people’s lives have become so busy that, as of late, media that is this accessible—being both convenient and worthwhilehas become far and few between. These uber busy citizens of today’s society are exactly who podcastsCrime Junkie in particularare exactly the kind of people who would obsess over this podcast.

But, heed my warning. Once you start listening to this podcast, you will have a hard time wanting to stop. The insane likability of Crime Junkie is practically criminal.