The hard truth of wanting a successful life

In Missouri, an elegant gate opens to reveal a grand house. An extravagant foyer is the first thing to be seen upon opening the front door. A content family is huddled in the living room, enjoying some popcorn and a movie.

In Berlin, a swimmer sees the Olympic rings in person for the first time. His exemplary dive into the frigid pool won his team a gold medal. Now, he is known around the world as one of the best swimmers.

These are examples of what an ideal and elated life looks like. These are the double rainbow of all double rainbows. These are the lives some dream of having.

It might be slightly different for each individual, but in a way, these are all the same. Most people hope for a full bank account, a fun job that pays well, 0r perfect relationships.

Having a life complete with adventures and fun stories to tell is a desire of many people. Not having to worry about financial problems is something everybody wishes was reality.

It’s easy to want that carefree life.

What people don’t fully realize or want to think about is that this takes work. A life that amazing doesn’t just happen. It’s not like everyone is a character in a book called “The Perfect Life.”

Hardship is the key to getting as close as possible to living inside a bubble of transcendence. Making mistakes and going through hard times are some of the best ways to learn. Improving is difficult when no one knows what they need to improve on.

If all people do is dream then are they really wanting that future? Could it be that they truly love only enjoy the result and not the process? The best way to find out is by working for it.

It’s okay to want a different future than before or to not want to work for something, but don’t let it stay a dream. Letting your ideal future remain just dream will only cause regret. The question of “what if” will be trapped in the constant flow of the mind.

We shouldn’t ask questions like, “What do you want out of life?” Rather, we should ask, “What are you willing to struggle for and how much pain can you take?”

The process is just as important as the result of a dream. Learning to appreciate the little things and growing positively as a person is a part of what makes the result so rewarding. This is also what makes the result increase in value.

Finding the right balance between pain and bliss is tough but crucial. Everybody wants the fantasy without the nightmare; unfortunately, that’s not possible.