Player Profile: Jack McNamara


Name: Jack McNamara

Grade: 9

Sport: Boys freshman basketball

Fun facts about Jack:

  • Likes to skimboard and do anything that deals with the beach and water
  • Enjoys sports of all kinds
  • Has a hobby for photography and prints photos to sell
  • Enjoys the uniqueness of having two different colored eyes

What is your favorite thing about basketball?

“One of the best parts of this sport is how fast paced it is. Everyone is constantly running, and the excitement is always out of the roof.  Being a part of a ‘brotherhood’ is also one of my favorite parts.”

What is your favorite part about being on the basketball team?

“The idea of Rangerball that has been expressed by coaches and FHC is always great to me.”

What is your most memorable basketball experience?

“When I was nominated by my teammates to be captain. It felt good to be recognized because I enjoy being a leader and a good teammate. I like being a guy people can turn to in times of need or [if they] just want someone to talk to.”

What is the team looking to do this year?

“‘Complete the season with only two losses,’ has been preached [to us] since our second loss. Something else the team has expressed is to not have negative energy towards each other.”