Alex Bunting discovered his voice and a creative outlet in FX

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Alex Bunting discovered his voice and a creative outlet in FX

Head project leader. Center of attention. Class clown.

One won’t find junior Alex Bunting in any of these positions, and that’s just the way he likes it. These are all good on their own, but Alex prefers to look at life through a different lens, one that allows him to step back and observe life for what it truly is: limitless opportunities for creativity.

While Alex can be found on both the track field and the cross country courses, he is more commonly found in Media and Communications teacher Jeff Manders’s room brainstorming and probing creative opportunities. Although this is Alex’s first year in the daily announcement production put on by the class called FX, it’s not hard to see this is where he belongs.

“[On FX,] you’re expressing [creativity] in a way for others to see,” Alex said. “So that’s how I think of it, because unlike other classes [where] you’re doing it for your own benefit, on FX, you’re doing it to please others.”

This act of creating content for others is the very thing Alex loves about the class, but it’s also about so much more for him. Inspired by a photography class in middle school, he was set on a path that led him to create. With FX, he is able to bring out a side he hadn’t known he had before. While he’s always been creative, it gave him an outlet to use for others to enjoy—the best of both worlds.

Because Alex expresses himself mainly through videography, it leaves very little to be said vocally. While he spends much of his time in meetings with his fellow group members creating video ideas, he prefers to sit back and observe what they have to say before speaking. This allows him to hear others ideas before he verbalizes his own and also helps to improve the quality of his productions.

“[I’m the] observer; I speak out when I feel like I’m most needed to,” Alex said. “I’m not most talkative in the group. I’m not the one cracking jokes. I’m just kind of there. I think my own thoughts in my head, and I can think about what other people say, because maybe, they haven’t thought about [it in the way I do]. I hold myself [back] to make sure I don’t just put words out there without meaning behind them.”

FX has not only provided Alex with a creative outlet, but it has also helped him come out of his shell and express what he’s thinking on the inside. Without FX, he would have no way to express his creativity, and it would also leave him without a reason to communicate all of his thoughts.

And, not only is he given opportunities to verbalize his thoughts in school, but it’s also provided him with things to talk about at home with his parents.

“I get to share some stuff with my family like what I’m doing on FX,” Alex said. “I can show them my videos that Mr. Manders has posted on Youtube. I can share with them, and they can see how talkative I actually am.”

All of these aspects have helped Alex convey his ideas both verbally and physically and yet the class still provides him with more. Alex has started making it a goal to reveal his thoughts to the world instead of being solely introspective.

While his introspectiveness is a huge part of Alex’s identity–observing the world and capturing what he uniquely sees–he realizes that he can be even more successful by opening himself up and making new relationships.

Even though this revelation could have happened all on its own, without FX, it’s no secret he wouldn’t be the same person.

“I’d just feel isolated from the senior class and then it would just feel like all my creativity would be trapped,” Alex said. “I don’t have like a free class to just go and think. [In] every other class, you’re being taught something or you’re expressing something, [but] on FX, it’s a little bit different. I just like to create something that other people would like to watch. I can make something cool, and it’s a way to put your thoughts out there and make something.”

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