Jude’s Barbershop Provides a Clean-Cut Experience


Jordan George, Editor in Chief

It was getting towards that time again. The time when my hair reaches close to my eyes and becomes an uncontrollable mess that sticks up in the back and is impossible to tame. When I realize that my hair is getting a bit long, I always know exactly where I will go. The place for me is Jude’s Barbershop on Cascade Road. On this particular afternoon, I called the location at about 2:45 and made an appointment for 5:30, after basketball practice.

When you walk through the front doors, the first thing that you probably notice are the colorful murals and posters that fill the walls. Jude’s just redecorated not long ago, and one whole wall of the space is a massive, colorful painted mural that is pretty cool to admire while you get your hair cut. After checking in at the front desk, I waited for a minute or two and then was called to one of the chairs by the hairstylist. One of my favorite things about Jude’s is that the workers there are exceptionally nice, but also really care about the work that they do. Whenever I go, they always ask how I want my hair cut, and throughout the process they are always asking if it looks okay. On top of that, I can always count on an interesting conversation with the workers there, as they usually ask about my day, my plans for the week, and what activities I am involved in at school. It may be small talk, but I personally appreciate it.

The workers there tend to do a fairly speedy job of cutting my hair, and within twenty minutes I am out of the chair and feeling about ten pounds lighter from all the hair that I have lost. I am usually really satisfied with the hair cut and leave Jude’s happier, and better groomed, than when I walked in. The only downside to Jude’s may be the price. I pay $20 per haircut, which seems relatively reasonable to me, but I know that it is a little bit pricier than other places. When it comes down to it, the money’s worth it because my experience at Jude’s is comfortable, fast, and effective. I would recommend Jude’s to any guy that need a quick haircut, you’ll be happy with both your haircut and experience.