Player Profile: Isaac Ghareeb

Tommy Spaletto

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Player Profile: Isaac Ghareeb

Name: Isaac Ghareeb

Grade: 10

Position: Power Forward

Sport: Boys JV Basketball

Fun facts about Isaac:

  • He loves running
  • His favorite candy is Skittles
  • He loves to watch football and basketball

How do you feel your second season playing Rangerball is going?

“I would say this year is going great. I think the team is getting better every day in practice and ready to make one final push to try and win our conference.”

What do you like about basketball in general?

“My favorite part is the fast pace that the game brings. I also love the feeling when you make a big play and get to celebrate with your teammates.”

What is your favorite memory of the season so far?

“In my opinion, my favorite memory would be when we beat Northern at their place. It was so fun because of how close of a game it was, and it’s just great to win a rivalry game like that.”

Do you have a famous quote you go by?

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”- Muhammed Ali