Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias raised my spirits from stressed to less stressed


Lately, my life has been pretty stressful. Finding the right path for my future is demanding, especially when I am not totally sure what I want to do yet. So, I have been looking for an outlet for my stress, something that will take my mind off of it for at least a little while.

I tried things like doing my math homework, watching movies/tv shows, and coloring, but nothing really did it for me. I eventually turned to comedy.

I noticed that Netflix added Gabriel (aka Fluffy) Iglesias’s new comedy set One Show Fits All. I had heard positive things about him and saw a few short clips of some of his jokes. I decided, “why not watch it, nothing bad could come from it.”

Nothing bad happened; however, I did not get the result I wanted. I hoped my stomach would ache after what was like an extensive ab workout. Instead, only a few good laughs escaped my mouth with the addition of a couple smiles.

Iglesias’s jokes were silly, and his stories were fascinating, it just wasn’t quite enough humor for a comedy show. His set was basically a bunch of stories with some jokes intertwined into the script. Even with stories about him meeting Snoop Dogg, I found myself wondering how much longer there was of the set.

He covered many topics that are relevant today. He spoke about Trump’s wall, his teenage son, airport security, drinking, and getting pulled over. This made it easier for me to understand his jokes and have a chance to laugh at them.

I was not impressed with Iglesias’s attire which consisted of a Hawaiian shirt, jean shorts, and tennis shoes. To spice it up a little, he added an ascot cap. I understand he wanted to be comfortable, and it was not exactly a formal event, but still it wasn’t very professional.

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What was impressive was the stage. It did have somewhat of a tropical theme, but more of a starry Hawaiian night. The lower half of the background was covered with palm trees while the upper half was black with dispersed lights like stars. There were blood orange pillars and white lights beaming on the stage.

My favorite part was Iglesias’s impersonations. He did many voices ranging from deep to high pitched. As a Mexican, he has a little accent, so it was easy to tell when he was speaking with a differing accent.

He even did an exceptional job imitating an Australian, Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, and Shakira. He got the voices, hip shaking, and behavior all right.

Not only did Iglesias do impressions of people but also things. He made multiple car sounds and even the Wheel of Fortune sound effects. If I weren’t watching and only listening I probably would have thought it was real.

One Show Fits All did raise my spirits and made me smile. Even though it wasn’t a huge improvement on my stress levels, I was in a bubble of contentment by the end of the show.