Meghan Trainor’s EP THE LOVE TRAIN is a delightful surprise

Meghan Trainor’s EP THE LOVE TRAIN is a delightful surprise

Meghan Trainor is probably best known to the general public because of her large and successful pop songs. Countless radio hits like “All About That Bass,” “NO,” “Lips Are Movin,” and “Dear Future Husband” have all had their incessantly catchy bubblegum pop tunes stuck in the head of any who have listened to them.

Her last full-length studio album, entitled Thank You was an album focused on confidence and vibrant self-love. Songs like “Me Too” and “I Love Me” were all about Trainor uplifting herself and celebrating her personal growth to self-acceptance. It was sassy. It was playful. It was pro-Meghan.

In the time that has passed since then, the singer has settled down and married the actor Daryl Sabara. Her new EP has shifted tonally from Thank You and focuses on the romantic love between the two newlyweds.

It is average sized for an EP. Clocking in at a total of six songs, it is comprised of tunes that would make even the coldest of hearts crack a smile.

All the songs feature Trainor’s bright and girly vocals singing heartfelt lyrics about sugar sweet subjects. The short group of songs isn’t quite as doo-wop as her earlier works nor are they as loud and in your face as her last album. They are a happy medium that is enjoyable to the listener.

The second song might be my favorite. Rightfully titled “MARRY ME,” this is the song that Trainor said she actually walked down the aisle to. It features Meghan professing her love and requesting for someone to marry her. The background is simple, starting out with only her vocals and light ukulele. It slowly grows, adding piano and eventually even wedding bells. It left me feeling content, reminiscing on fond memories of Meghan’s relationship that I don’t have.

“FOOLISH” was another favorite of mine. This particular song was about Trainor feeling stupid over how in love she was. She describes all the fantasies of the future she has and overall is just a testament to how in love she is. Endearingly cute lyrics aside, the vocal layering that was heard in this song was satisfying, and it was something refreshing to the ear. I think that of all six of the songs, this one would be the most fun to get up and dance to.

All of the songs were upbeat and instant mood refreshers. They made me feel pure happiness, which is a useful tool in times when stress can seem like it’s about to tear you apart.

I’m the type of person who likes to listen to certain albums and EPs at specific times of day or during certain activities. THE LOVE TRAIN would be perfect for getting ready in the morning. You could start your day with something light and full of love so as to help you put your best face forward.

I haven’t been Meghan Trainor’s number one fan in past years. I had nothing against her, she just seemed to make very boring and unoriginal music. While the contents of THE LOVE TRAIN are by no means new, their unapologetically happy themes deserved to be listened to.