Player Profile: Janae Van Dyke


Name: Janae Van Dyke

Grade: 10

Sport: Wrestling

Weight class: 171

Fun facts about Janae

  • She is a bird person
  • She has a scar from a dog bite
  • She doesn’t like chocolate
  • She wants to be a teacher
  • She likes to draw

How long have you been wrestling?

“This is my first year.”

Why did you start wrestling?

I started wrestling because I’ve always felt drawn to it. It’s fun, keeps me active, and I can learn how to defend myself better.”

What has been your favorite wrestling memory?

“When I first saw that we had to do cartwheels, I was horrified because I hadn’t done a cartwheel since second grade and wasn’t very good at it then. I tried it, had a crash landing, and just started laughing. I’ll get it down eventually.”

How has wrestling impacted your life?

“It certainly makes me sleep a whole lot better. I feel much more powerful and confident since starting.”

What are your goals for this season?

“To become stronger in my upper body and become a better wrestler.”