Player Profile: Dani Ahmetovic


Name: Dani Ahmetovic

Grade: 11

Sport: Boys Swim and Dive

Years swimming: 9

Why do you enjoy being on the swim team?

“Swimming has definitely gotten harder over the years, and I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s very enjoyable when you shave seconds off of your time and you see yourself improve. Most people think swimming isn’t a team sport, but [the team] all gets together and celebrates our victories together; overall it’s rewarding.

Who is a senior that you look up to?

“I look up to senior Charlie Krug. When the meets hit, he always motivates everyone and is a huge asset to the team. I want to be able to motivate everyone and do well in my meets like he does.”

Since this is your first year at FHC, what has it been like transferring from one swim team to another?

“I’d say there is a lot more motivation on the team this year. At my old school, we were a decent team, we just lacked the effort we need to win. You can tell on this team everyone wants to be on it, and everyone enjoys it. The practices are also a lot different. I’ve had coaches that drill you in the pool, but this year my coach has really just helped me on improving my stroke and making sure I’m doing ok.”

What is your favorite thing about Coach Dennis Neat?

“Coach Neat is just super positive. He likes to get everyone into it. On our Monday night talks, he tells us what our goal is and what we need to do to achieve it. He cares about all of his swimmers, and you can tell he just loves swimming.”