Player Profile: Grace Kline


Name: Grace Kline

Sport: Ski Team

Grade: 12

A fun fact about Grace

  • She has been to 13 countries

How long have you been skiing?
“I have been racing on a ski team for four years now.”

Do you have a pre-race routine that you do?

“Before I race I always will stretch and get ready. I also have a specific order in which I put on my gear: I put my goggles on, buckle boots, put pole straps on, then clip into my skis.”

Where is the coolest place that you have ever gone skiing?

“The coolest place I have ever gone skiing is probably Lake Louise in Banff, Canada. They have really good runs there; I also got to see a world cup when I went.”

Have you ever suffered a sports injury?

“I am lucky that I have never been hurt skiing.”

Where will you be attending college next year?

“I will be attending the University of Utah next year, and I am going to study nursing.”