Player Profile: Mason Kelly

Matthew Mahoney

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January 20, 2021
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November 30, 2020

Name: Mason Kelly

Grade: 10

Sport: Hockey

What is your favorite thing about hockey?

“My favorite thing about hockey is the way my jersey flaps when I skate fast.”

What is your favorite thing about being on the hockey team?

“My favorite part about being on the team is just getting to play with my friends.”

Who is your inspiration in hockey?

“My father has inspired me to be the best hockey player that I can be.”

What is your most memorable hockey experience?

“My most memorable moment was winning States in Bantam Majors and going to the National Championships in Phoenix [last year].”

What do you think the team can do this year in the playoffs?

“My team is here to go all the way and win a State Championship.”

What was it like joining the team during the middle of the season?

“Joining back in the middle of the season, I felt like I was coming home. I stepped right back into where I left off.”

Do you prefer AAA or high school hockey?

“I prefer high school hockey because you are playing with your friends, and your friends can watch the games.”