Player Profile: Shay Keaton


Name: Shay Keaton

Grade: 11

Sport: Wrestling

Weight class: Heavyweight

Fun facts about Shay

  • She plays piano, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and harmonica
  • She takes Spanish
  • She is learning Morse code
  • She can rip an apple in half with her bare hands

How long have you been wrestling?

“This was my first year of wrestling.”

How was it being a part of FHC’s first girls wrestling team?

“It was really cool. Coach Anderson has a couple of daughters, and they’d come to visit sometimes; they wouldn’t do that before [there was a girls wrestling team]. I feel like it was kind of inspirational, too. A lot of people at our school just thought it was cool. I think it is the start of something. We have one of the biggest girls teams in Michigan. It’s really impactful and really great; the girls are really supportive, and the guys are too.”

What was one of the best experiences you had on the team?

“I think it was just all of the support. When anyone struggled, everyone was there to just pick each other up.”

What was one of your favorite memories of the season?

“My first takedown.”

What was the hardest part about wrestling?

“I think that sometimes it was really hard to stick with it because we would have some really hard practices, and you’d go home and think, ‘How am I going to go back?’”

Do you have any game-day traditions?

“I have a playlist of songs that are helpful for me.”

Do you have any final thoughts on the season?

“It was nice to just keep on moving.”