Humans of FHC: Aspen Strauss


“When I was younger, I used to draw on a bunch of people’s hands during class. People really liked it, so I started getting into that sort of thing. And then, when I got a little bit older, I thought tattoos were really cool, so I kind of started to keep doing it. When I draw on my hands and arms, I mostly just use paint or I use, you know, the type of pens that don’t really come off. Not a good idea. During second hour, when I’m bored, I’ll always draw a little sun on my hand and literally print it on a bunch of my papers almost every single day; it’s on almost all of my papers.

[My art] just adds something different [to me] because kids don’t really draw all over themselves, I guess. If you ask kids in my grade [about me], they would say ‘Oh, yeah, Aspen? Have you ever seen her draw on her hand? Yeah, she does it all the time.’

I think, personally, art is just a way to express yourself and show that you’re different because if everyone looked the same or if everyone acted the same way, [life] would be pretty boring.”