Player Profile: Ryan Talbot


Name: Ryan Talbot

Grade: 12

Sport: Boys Swim and Dive

Years Diving: 3

What is your favorite thing about diving?

“I love doing all of the flips every day. I like the way I have to move my body in order to perfect my dives.”

What do you have to do to improve your dives?

“To improve I do a lot of repetition; I constantly do the same flips over and over again until I do them perfectly.”

What is your favorite thing about head coach Dennis Neat?

“He’s just a really good guy. He builds the team up at every meet. He’s kind of like a father figure to most guys on the team.”

What has it been like this year since this is your senior year?

“Senior year has been pretty laid back because I know most of my dives. It’s just repetition, and right now I know all of my dives.”

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your diving career?

“My biggest motivation would have to be my diving coach Alex Otto. He is constantly yelling at me and telling me what I have to do, and that gives me the motivation to do better.”