Player Profile: Olivia Jeong


Name: Olivia Jeong

Grade: 11

Sport: Gymnastics

Fun facts about Olivia:

  • Her elbows are double-jointed
  • She works as a gymnastics coach at R-Athletics

What is your favorite event? 

“My favorite event would definitely be beam because it is the one event that really makes or breaks your entire meet. Also, it feels really good to stick a beam routine.”

What is your favorite food to eat before a meet? 

“I usually get Noodles and Company before every meet, and before every Invite, the team always gets breakfast at Panera. I like to eat anything that will load me with carbs, and I always drink a lot of water as well.”

Who is your biggest supporter?

“My biggest supporters are my teammates. We all know each other so well, and we always have each others’ backs.”

What are some other hobbies that you partake in?

“My other hobbies would include running track, hurdles, and painting.”

When did you start gymnastics?

“I started high school gymnastics my freshman year and started the sport as a whole when I was six. I took a five-year break when I moved here from Texas and didn’t start competing again until high school.”

What is an inspirational quote that motivates you?

“Work hard in silence, and let success make the noise.”