Girls ski team takes home third and seventh at State Championships

This past Monday, the Forest Hills Central girls ski team took part in the Division 2 Michigan Ski State Championships. After a fairly successful Giant Slalom race, the Rangers took third in the state. However, the odds weren’t in their favor in the Slalom races, as the Lady Rangers took seventh place in the state.

In the Giant Slalom races, senior Courtney McAlindon ended her final race as a Ranger in second place with a time of 1:14.63 minutes. Senior Kayley Reynolds also finished off her high school ski career by placing eighth overall. Kayley’s time was very impressive, as she clocked in at 1:16.94 minutes. The next Ranger to cross the finish line was sophomore Abby McAlindon in sixteenth place. After a very solid performance, Abby clocked in with a final time of 1:20.59 minutes. Just six seconds behind Abby was senior Grace Kline. Grace secured thirty-second place and ended with a final time of 1:26.32 minutes.

As the Rangers competed in the Slalom races, they did not have nearly as much success. Once again, Kayley placed very well in seventh place with a time of 1:11.52 minutes. The next Ranger to finish was Grace in thirtieth place overall; her final time came in at 1:24.49 minutes. Finishing less than two seconds behind Grace was Courtney. Courtney finished in thirty-first place with a time of 1:25.78 minutes. The only other Ranger to place in the top forty was senior Sami Fox. Sami placed thirty-ninth, and her final racing time clocked in at 1:29.56 minutes.

These State Races concluded the Forest Hills Central girls ski teams’ 2018-2019 season.