Words have lost their meaning

Words have lost their meaning


They are crucial when it comes to communicating and have been around a long time.

Their length varies, and they sound different from each other, even though the individual letters do not.

Words allow people to express their feelings and give their input on important matters.

Each one has a definition in the dictionary. Each one has a unique meaning. Each one has a different purpose to serve in the world.

That much has remained the same.

Although lately, things have been changing.

Many words are being overused to the point where their meaning has been altered; now, they are being used incorrectly, at least inaccurately compared to the definition in the dictionary.

Not only that, but the strength and weight of emotions have lightened; they have lightened from a book to a single sheet of paper. The power of these words is lessening as the number of times they escape from a person’s mouth increases.

The power of these words are lessening as the number of times they escape from a person’s mouth increases.

One of these exhausted words is “need.”

This word is supposed to be used when a person requires something that they can’t live without or when they must do something. However, it is being used for much more, depleting the intensity of it.

“I need that shirt” is not the correct way to use it. A significant number of people that use “need” in a way similar to that already have a closet bursting with shirts.

What is frustrating about this is there are some people that truly need a shirt; others merely want it.

Another word is “depressed.”

It is kind of a thing now that when someone is feeling somber, they describe it as feeling depressed. However, being depressed is much more severe than that.

Depression is not a minor emotion of sadness but a mental disorder or intense despair. It can alter a person’s day-to-day life and result in someone feeling miserable 24/7.

It is not something to be spoken of so lightly.

“Love” is also a worn-out word.

Love used to be an incredibly powerful emotion. It was used to describe how deeply you care for someone. It still does, but the significance has deflated like a balloon.

Now, most people seem to love everyone and everything, whether it be a book or a celebrity they have never meet.

Words can be extremely potent when used right. The way some people are using words now dulls the emotion and meaning of them.

Let words remain powerful and true to form. Don’t let them dwindle into nothing.