You should join The Central Trend, and here’s why

As a crazy week of class registration falls over FHC, those of us on staff here at The Central Trend are excited to take the opportunity to share all of the many things we love about this class.


If you’re looking for an art credit, love to write, or simply want to become a part of this amazing group of people, we would be thrilled to have you join Writing for Publication. Writing for Publication is the introductory class to The Central Trend and teaches you everything you need to know to flourish on staff.

We really hope you’ll consider joining us in Room 139!

“I joined TCT as a sophomore, and it was, without a doubt, the best decision I’ve made throughout high school. The opportunity to write in a unique, engaging style, meet new people throughout the school, and find a community and home within our classroom and staff were all things I was gifted. I could not be more grateful.” — Reena Mathews, senior Editor in Chief

“Joining The Central Trend was a spur-of-the-moment decision I made upon moving here sophomore year, but I honestly can’t imagine the direction I would’ve taken at FHC without this class. Apart from the unique opportunity to better myself as a writer, I’ve found myself with improved communication, leadership, and motivational skills. Most of all, the people in this room are absolutely incredible; we’ve made a home within one of the most distinctive rooms in the school, and I can’t imagine a class more inclusive or welcoming.” — Nisha Rajakrishna, senior Editor in Chief

“The Central Trend was this whirlwind where I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I can wholeheartedly say that now, I’m glad I took the class. It’s very geared at independent learners, and I love how Mr. George trusts us to stay on-task while also being there if we need help. I was very surprised also by the fact that this group of writers quickly became more than just classmates, actually making the room feel like a family more than anything. I’m overwhelmed by the love, care, and talent that is the heart and soul of this newspaper, and I think taking this class and joining is one of my best decisions of high school.” — Susannah Bennett, senior Editor in Chief

“When I joined The Central Trend, I was really scared because I didn’t know anyone, but I love to write, so I wanted to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did because I’ve made so many friends and grown so much as a writer. Being on The Central Trend has taught me to step outside my comfort zone, both in terms of social interaction and writing. I’ve learned to work hard and put effort into things that matter to me. The Central Trend has been a positive learning experience.” —Natalie Mix, freshman Staff Writer

“If you have an empty space in your schedule, I would suggest that you take Writing for Publication. You really get to write freely a lot of the time. Of course, there’s features and profiles, but I find myself knowing more things about the school. It’s just a fun class all around.” — Dana Kistler, junior Staff Writer

“When I joined The Central Trend, I had absolutely no idea the impact it would have on me. I’m so, so, so fortunate for this class and am patting eighth-grade me on the back for choosing Writing for Publication as one of my electives. It’s a very untraditional class—nothing is taught through quizzes or tests. Everything is taught with passion and learned through doing, not multiple choice quizzes or tests. I’ve learned how to talk to anybody from any grade at any time without getting nervous, how to ask thought-provoking questions, and how to interview and write like a journalist. And I get to do it all with such a lovely group of people beside me! I truly don’t know where I would be without this class.” — Abby Wright, sophomore Social Media Manager

“The Central Trend is exactly what you make it. I went into the class ready to be dedicated to the class, but it contains so much more than I would have expected. While the work is substantial, it is worth it for the soul reason of the connections you make. Before signing up for the class, I could not fathom how integral the class would become to my life (and that’s not because of the workload). The class proves to be a place where all of us feel comfortable expressing ourselves in our entirety, without pretenses. It’s a break from the busy school day where you can come and relax around people who share a passion with you. The class connects those of all grades, with different interests, family backgrounds, and it unites us. Coming into 6th hour is always the highlight of my day because I know I will spend it with some of the best people I’ve ever known. I cannot thank the class enough for all that–and who– it’s given me. If you wish to express yourself and push yourself in ways you didn’t know possible just to see all that you can accomplish, Writing for Publication is definitely the class to take.” — Sarah Wordhouse, senior Public Relations Manager

“I was unsure when I first signed up for Writing for Publication, the prerequisite for joining The Central Trend staff, but after being a part of the class for a few months now, I’m so glad that I chose to take this class and to continue it. It allows for me to explore both the technical and creative parts of my brain with the different types of stories I’ve written, and I’ve never found myself thinking outside of the box so much; however, although this sounds slightly dull, it’s truly a thrill. Everyone in the class is also so supportive, kind, and wonderful, and you can find a friend around any corner in the classroom. The overall experience of being a part of the staff is simply wonderful.” — Amanda Bartolovic, junior Staff Writer

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I decided to take Writing for Publication, but it was probably one of the best classes I have ever decided to take. The Central Trend is about more than just the writing. It’s like we have our own family, and everyone in it is so accepting. It’s a class I actually look forward to and always enjoy. Everyone has this idea that the class is so much work, but it’s really not; if you do your stories when they’re due, you will end up with a bunch of free time you can use to do your homework and really anything. The class introduced me to a whole new group of people, and I’m so glad I joined.” — Jordan Helmbrecht, junior Staff Writer

“There are many things I enjoy about The Central Trend, but the thing I like most is the environment. The staff and editors have created a very fun and welcoming atmosphere. There is also an energy that makes you want to work hard and keep writing better pieces to improve the website. The Central Trend is a great way to end the day.” — Alissa Minard, senior Staff Writer

“My favorite part about TCT is how laid back the class is and how much freedom you have within the class. It almost feels like TCT isn’t an actual class at all because each story we write is unique from the traditional papers we have to write for school. The workload isn’t bad at all, and if you finish your stories early the class is basically a free hour. TCT has also helped me become a better writer making my other classes easier for me. TCT is one of the only classes I actually look forward too and is only taught during 6th hour which is a great way to end the day.”    — Rachel Toole, sophomore Staff Writer

“The Central Trend is definitely structured for social people who love to write. The class itself is set up in a way that allows each student to manage their own time, which cultivates a sense of freedom and respect. Personally, I joined the class in order to improve as a writer and to step out of my comfort zone. The variation of writing styles and their depth has not only revamped my writing, but it has led to more depth of thought as well. Overall, The Central Trend is a great way to spend an hour a day surrounded by awesome people who have a shared passion for writing.” — Olivia Luplow, junior Staff Writer

“I joined Writing for Publication because I wanted more practice with writing papers. I enjoyed the class, so I decided to take Advanced Writing for Publication second semester. I have been on staff for about four months now, and I have noticed obvious growth in myself as a writer. Writing 400-word papers is effortless now, and although meeting deadlines is challenging with my busy schedule, the class overall has allowed me to increase the level at which I write.” — Morgan Mittlestadt, sophomore Staff Writer

“I joined The Central Trend my junior year, and it was probably the best decision I could have made. I was really worried about juggling this class and schoolwork from “the toughest year in high school.” To be honest, it hasn’t been too hard to stay on top of all of my work. The atmosphere of the class is so unique and so positive. The independence of the class has helped teach me personal accountability and time management. — Courtney Collar, junior Public Relations Manager

“Joining The Central Trend has been one of the best decisions I have made during my sophomore year. The classroom’s environment always produces a happy and inviting feeling to end my day of school on a high note. Getting to know so many knew people and learn many new faces has made my year and time on staff a positive experience.” — Emma Hansen, sophomore Staff Writer

“I joined The Central Trend as a freshman in part because I love to write and in part because I’ve known advisor Ken George my whole life and wanted to have him for a teacher. Although my reasons may have had nothing to do with the actual class (I didn’t even really know what the class was honestly), it is easily one of the best most life-changing decisions I’ve ever made. I was the only freshman my first year, which was really scary. Last year, as a sophomore, I had built relationships with some of my classmates and had begun to love the class. This year, we started with an unusually small staff of eight girls, and those girls have become my family. The relationships built because of this class have changed my life, and I will forever be thankful for that.” — Ashlyn Korpak, junior Managing Editor of Assignments

“I joined TCT because when I had Mr. George for Honors 10, I heard him brag about the site all the time. I had already had an interest in writing, so I decided to give it a try. It was such a great decision. Not only have my writing skills improved exponentially, but I have also been exposed to so many great kids who have the same passion for writing that I do.” — Meredith Vanskiver, junior Staff Writer

“Writing on The Central Trend gives me so much freedom. The variety of assignments allows me to really push myself, teaching me more and more about my personal style. This unique class is self-directed with student editors, so I’ve definitely become more responsible. Overall, The Central Trend is unrivaled compared to my typical schedule.” — Lynlee Derrick, sophomore Social Manager