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Top 5 Unsung Heroes

Carl Mielock

Senior Carl Mielock had the task of playing one of the most difficult positions in hockey: goalie. Often times the goalie gets overlooked, but the goalie is an essential part of hockey. Carl has been very motivating to the team and has stepped up to lead the way to a successful hockey season with a final record of 17-5-2. Carl had an impressive five saves in the first period alone of his last game. He has been a starter for all four years of his time at FHC. Goalie came naturally to Carl, and he has taken it to high places to help his team.

Bryce Hysong

Sophomore Bryce Hysong was a new addition to the FHC wrestling team this year, as he recently moved here from Utah. He wrestled in the 130 lbs weight class this year. For being a new member of the team, Bryce sure brought a lot of motivation and energy with him. At one point in the season, he went on a ten-match winning streak. Whether he was on the mat wrestling or not, he always gave it 100% in every match and cheered on his team.

Maheen Mulligan

Senior Maheen Mulligan entered her senior year with high hopes of heading to States, as every gymnast does. However, that goal was sadly interrupted by an ACL injury. Maheen couldn’t compete in the final meet, but she still helped motivate her team and keep a positive attitude throughout the season. She always cheered her team on and made sure to help in whatever way she could. A highlight of the beginning of her season was getting a score of 8.975 on beam.

“As a senior, she was just really able to pull through and always have a good attitude toward everyone,” junior teammate Olivia Jeong said. “She was just really motivating, and she pumped everyone up if they were down. After she tore her ACL, she was still a really good team supporter.”

Remmie Ingraham

Freshman Remmie Ingraham has been a huge motivation for the girls varsity basketball team. Not only is she a great basketball player, but she is a great teammate as well. Remmie might not be the top scorer on the team, however, she is a crucial part to the Rangers’ style of play and the success the team had this year. Remmie kept her head up all season and helped others do the same with her constant support. When Remmie was put onto the court, she made sure to give it her all and do anything to help the team. This year, Remmie scored 15 points against Northern, her career high.

“I honestly don’t think that our team would have had nearly the success that we did if we didn’t have Remmie,” sophomore teammate Zoe Lipke said. “She may not have been the highest scorer in every game, but she contributes so much to the team. She has such a presence when she is in the game and is a huge aspect of our team. She works so hard for everything she gets, and you can tell that [the hard work] really pays off. She is always the first one to come over and support you and pick you back up. She is honestly an amazing teammate.”

Grace Pennington

Sophomore Grace Pennington has been a big motivation on the dance team. Just like on any other team, positive attitudes and motivation are essential, and Grace constantly brings that to the team. Not only has she been a great motivator, but Grace is a great dancer as well.

“Grace Pennington is one of the most positive and happy people that I know,” junior dancer Courtney Collar said. “She is always smiling, and she is always trying her hardest. She really pulled through this year and is probably one of our best dancers. She is so sharp, and she is just an amazing person.”

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