Jacob Wallace

Name: Jacob Wallace

Grade: 12

Role: Dan

1. Have you ever been in the musical before? If so, for how many years?

“Nope! [This is the] first one for me.”

2. What are you most excited about for the show?

“Opening night and having a ton of great memories to look back on [is what I’m most excited for.”

3. What makes you fit your role so well?

“My height for one thing [makes me fit my role well], but that aside, I’m not sure.”

4. What is your favorite part of being involved in theater?

“Building strong friendships through hours and hours of rehearsing and hanging out together [has been my favorite part].”

5. What was the most surprising thing to you about this year’s show?

“[I was most surprised at] how everyone as a whole has been able to get to where we need to be for the opening night despite all the snow days we had.”

6. What have been some difficulties with your role or at rehearsals?

“The first rehearsals we did with the pit were rough because staying with the pit playing was way harder than keeping with the soundtrack we had been using for months.”

7. How has this experience influenced your high school career?

“It has been the best conclusion to my senior year and high school career that I could have ever hoped for. My only regret is that I didn’t try out for musical sooner than my last year to do it.”

8. What should audiences be most excited for?

“[Audiences should be excited for] how fast-paced and fun the show is overall, not to mention the amazing leads.”

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