Parker David

I have been in the musical before. This is my fourth one.
I am most excited for performing in my last show ever and getting to share the stage with the best people.
Simeon is very relaxed and calm. He collects himself well, and it shows in the song Thos Cannan Days.
My favorite part about being in theatre is getting to meet great people.
The colors and the talent. Everything is so colorful and the lighting is the best thing i’ve ever seen. Also everyone in this show is so talented and Mrs Demeester did an amazing job casting the show.
The most difficult thing about my character is hitting the high notes and getting into full character.
It has made me a well rounded person and improved my people skills/shyness immensely.
The audience should be most excited for an amazing story that will make you dance in your seat and guarantee you a good time.

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