March is the month of music: my favorite singles of the month


While basketball’s March Madness has consumed the minds of most sports-inclined people, I’ve stayed oblivious and perfectly ignorant, likely because of my lack of understanding for basketball.

Instead, for me, my “March Madness” came in the form of a month of musical mayhem, from the Jonas Brothers’ newest release to Conan Gray’s single which exceeded all expectations. And although we may only have just hit the halfway mark of the month, music is being released like crazy, especially from artists whose several years of silence have been deafening.

Among the several incredible singles released this month was one by the Jonas Brothers, and I have a distinct memory of the night before the long-awaited release date of the Jonas Brothers’ new single, “Sucker,” and going to bed knowing that when I woke up in the morning, all my Jonas Brothers reunion dreams would be fulfilled. And that next morning was exactly that: a dream come true. The combination of tasteful publicity, the sweet nature of the band’s reunion, and the electricity of their song all factored into my meltdown of excitement the next morning as I hit play on “Sucker” for the first time.

In classic Jonas Brothers fashion, their newest hit is repetitive and catchy, with a timeless sound. Inspired by the fact that each brother is either married or soon will be, the song is essentially the Jonas Brothers telling the world that they are most definitely taken and “are suckers” for their spouses. Upbeat and a tribute to their former selves, “Sucker” is groovy, to say the least, and I’m definitely hoping that more releases will be coming soon. Out of all the singles released by my favorite artists, “Sucker” certainly had the most fanatic fan feedback; however, it wasn’t necessarily the best one on my list.

Severely underrated and under the radar, Spencer Sutherland’s “Sweater” is a major jam (released in late January and then again in early March), one that instantly causes Sarah Wordhouse and I to break out in song. Unlike the Jonas Brothers, Sutherland is a one-man band, essentially relying on his vocals to carry his songs rather than instrumentals. His voice, partnered with beats and the layering of his vocals, composes “Sweater,” pulling the chill song’s aesthetic together well.

Aside from loving a song’s sound, I also am one for watching music videos, and for me, a music video can either make or break a song. And for “Sweater,” its music video made the song with its bright colors and aesthetic. The hilarity behind both the song and the music video also add to the song’s essence, as Sutherland recounts watching an ex-girlfriend wear his sweater after they broke up with the climax of the story syncing up with the song’s chorus and the lines of “That’s my sweater, my sweater/why.. you got it on?”

In the same genre, Conan Gray’s new single “The King” was also released this March, bringing his fans to their knees with the sharp edges and volume of the song. Like Sutherland, Gray is a solo act who combines his voice with beats, editing, and miscellaneous sounds, and this single followed that same pattern. Harnessing new energy and vibes, “The King” is much “edgier” and louder than his past singles; but even though it strayed from his usual pattern, I was still entranced by the song, playing it on repeat for days on end. I love everything about Gray, so it made sense that I loved “The King” just as much as his past songs. However, I hope that rather than just releasing singles, he’ll eventually graduate to doing a full-blown album.

In the same vein, the 21-year-old pop artist Khalid release yet another single, called “My Bad,” which was his second personal release within the last two months. His signature sound is still embodied in his music, except this time additionally infused with a new groovy guitar bit riffing in the background. Varied percussion sounds are highlighted by the guitar sound, working in time with his calming and perfectly unique voice. In my book, it was instantly a hit with its relaxed tone yet still pop sound.

It seems to me that Khalid has really come into his own in the past few years, finding his sound through a varied mix of singles, features, and albums. “My Bad” definitely showcases his classic sound, making me simultaneously want to dance and go on a long summer drive down Honeycreek Road in Canonsburg, MI. His February release with Disclosure— “Talk”—also has a similar effect, achieving that pop sound that isn’t quite mainstream.

Lastly, “That’s What Love Is All About” by Cody Simpson was a surprising song I loved this month. Compiled among other releases on his recent EP B Sides: Part the Seas, the song is very much a modern rock/pop sound, with Simpson’s Disney Channel-esque voice and his groovy guitar playing.

Different than the other singles highlighted here, the song is much less pop-y and is gospel-themed, with a choral background group arrangement providing the foundation for the song so that Simpson can soulfully croon and belt out the lyrics. While being gospel-flavored, the song is still distinctly a toned-down branch of modern rock, and while that may seem like an odd combination, I was amply pleased by the song and the rest of the EP.

These are just a few of the many incredible releases of March, and as the rest of the season continues, with basketball and with music, I cannot wait to see what is in store.