Humans of FHC: Meggie Kennedy


“I started [dance] probably when I was five. I feel like I can kind of just let go and be myself [while I’m dancing]. It gives me something to do, and it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. I do ballet and lyrical [dance]; I like the structure of [ballet], but I also like how you can just let go and feel the movement [in lyrical].

Sometimes, [dance] kind of gets in the way of doing homework and studying for quizzes. [It] has for sure [taught me time-management]. I make sure to get all my homework done right after school, and then I get ready, and once I’m done with dance, I study for any quizzes. It’s kind of a cycle.

I like to have a change of schedule sometimes, just for something new, but at the same time, I’m more comfortable with something structured.”