Student Council: Changing FHC


FHC’s student council works hard to make sure every student in the school is heard; even if a student is too shy or afraid to speak up and make a change, the members of this group will speak for them.

Freshman Sutton Steensma is one representative who does just this in her role on the council for the class of 2019.

“I joined student council because I love the fact that I’m able to have a voice in the things that happen here in school,” said Sutton, who is the freshman secretary. “I think it’s really important that us being so young and just being teenagers, we kind of have to live up to our full potential and be able to have everybody shine and show that we can have fun and still do really cool things for our school and I’m in love with the fact that I am able to be part of that.”

Sutton will be running for student council again next year for the class of 2019’s president. Currently, Sutton’s main job is to pay attention and take notes when the council is in meetings so that she can answer any questions about if they come up. For example, if the student council is working on a specific project with another organization, she can resolve confusion about the details.

“This year we have just learned so much because just going from middle school to high school is this huge step,” Sutton said. “I think that we have just accomplished that. You can see how lives can change.”

Next year, if Sutton is elected as the sophomore class president, she plans to focus on having all the students feel like they have an important role in the school and community, allowing them to feel how their actions can have an impact both in and out of school.

“If I get elected next year as the class of 2019’s president,” began Sutton, “I will focus on having everyone feel like they can contribute to things and to see how much it can impact you along with your community. It’s a really great feeling to be involved in a group like this because not only do you have a bigger voice in things but you also get to sort of lead the way for kids in your grade who are too shy to do some things. I just want to show that it can be really fun to contribute.”

Another currents student representative is Holly Ford, who serves as the vice president for the class of 2018. Holly has been a member of student council since seventh grade. She will be running for student council again next year and will most likely run for Vice President again. Holly is also interested in getting more information about possibly being a part of the Student Council Board.

“I really want to help improve our school and make sure that everybody’s voice is heard,” said Holly. “I also really enjoy having the experience of working together with a group of people in order to accomplish something. Being on student council has really helped me learn how to compromise and work well with others.”

Just like Sutton, Holly wants to ensure that all voices are heard. This is something that all student council members have in common.

“I think that our entire student council has made a huge difference in our school and in our community,” said Holly. “We have worked to bring our school together and also helped raise large amounts of money for many amazing organizations throughout our community.”

Junior class president Bennett Hendricks believes he has been able to make a difference through student council when they brought an affordable Christmas to families that couldn’t otherwise afford it during their partnership with family promise.

“The best achievement is that we’ve been able to partner with Family Promise each Christmas at least since my freshman year,” Bennett said.

Bennett joined student council in sixth grade. When elections were announced during lunch, everyone turned to him and asked him if he was going to run. Continuing this tradition, Bennett plans to run again his senior year for president.

All the student council members enjoy their ability to impact FHC, and the role they get to play in making these four years a positive experience for all.

“High school is so short and we are so young,” said Sutton. “I just want to show this is only four years of our life and if we’re able to help out other people and have fun at the same time I feel like that’s just a really cool foundation for our future.”