My friends have come and gone due to my coming and going


At a dance convention this weekend, one of my instructors argued that each person in the class had something to give to the room. But, she also argued that each person also had something they could take from the room. For example, a person could offer positive energy to the atmosphere, or they could extract from the present positive energy by putting forth negative energy and thoughts into the environment.

The instructor then asked us to think of something that we could offer to the room. She encouraged us to not relate it to dance, but I subconsciously ended up doing so. The word that jumped into my mind like an eager cricket was friendship because dance has given me friends that double as teammates. Therefore, I was inspired to offer to the room, to the other dancers, the same thing that dance generously has gifted me.

But, I began to think about my other friends, and through that, I was able to conclude that this concept is applicable to dance and life. People have both positive and negative things to offer in almost every situation and environment they interact with. So, I began considering my life and the amazing friends that I have. Then, I commenced concentrating on the characteristics of my friends that make me enjoy being friends with them.

As friends have come and gone due to my coming and going, I have obtained countless experiences that have allowed me to develop my opinion on what a true friend is.

My two best friends in Illinois taught me that distance does not define a friendship and that we do not have to see each other’s faces daily to maintain the same respect and love for each other. They modeled for me unconditional love because I know that during the developmental years of middle school, I definitely did not consistently treat them nicely. However, succeeding any incident, they always welcomed my stress with open arms and encouraged me to express how I felt to them.

Therefore, they also modeled absolute patience for me: they completely contrast fair-weather friends. I do not think I could be more thankful for two people who have played an important role in my life for over four years, my two best friends who will forever forgive me for being moody and understand me better than I understand myself. Likewise, even though we drift out of touch during the annual busy months of our lives, we are continually able to resume our discussions and our updates on life at the exact place we left off.

And for that, I am certain that I have two forever best friends in Illinois.

In Michigan, I also have two best friends. My two best friends modeled generosity for me freshman year through consistently suggesting my name during the drafting process of making plans, and their generosity allowed me to create mutual friendships and immerse myself into the friend group. No matter if I necessarily knew the other people who planned to attend, they encouraged me to distance myself from my comfort zone. I’m not sure what I would have without them.

My two best friends in Michigan also taught me true fun; no hangout is not enjoyable with them. Whether our plans take us to a movie theater, a haunted house, or someone’s basement, I find myself never wanting high school to conclude because that would mean our regular crazy and exciting adventures would cease.

However, I also have many close friends who assist me in making it through the school day every day and every week. These friends have taught me compassion because the word literally means “to suffer together.” We literally suffer through school and its rigorous demands together. These friends and I indulge in prolonged conversations during class, and we know a significant amount of important information about each other. Even if there is no specific topic to talk about, we are repeatedly able to discover something. Although I do not spend time outside of school with each of these friends every weekend, they are insanely important because of how much time we spend together during the week.

Through the teachings of my friends, I have concluded that true friendship is versatility. True friendship is being the friend that a person needs during a given time and being that friend to the best of your ability. Whether you are destined to become their best friend, simply accompany them throughout the school day, or even a combination of both, what you choose to do with your purpose in the lives around you is what is defines the healthiness of the friendship you are able to give.