Player Profile: Quinn Wiseley


Name: Quinn Wisely

Grade: 10

Sport: JV Baseball

What do you think the team needs to do going from the freshman to the JV level?

“I think we all need to be more focused as a team this season in the practices. That’s when we are going to make the biggest improvements in our games, so we need to be really focused during practice.”

What’s your favorite position to play?

“I like playing shortstop and second base the best, but I try to pride myself on being able to play all over the field.”

What will it take to have a successful season like the team did last season?

“It’s going to take a commitment from the entire team.”

How helpful is it to have the same coach as you did last year?

“It’s definitely helpful because he knows who everyone is as a player, and not having to restart with a new coach is really nice. He knows everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and that will help the team during games.