Player Profile: Mason Corcoran


Name: Mason Corcoran

Grade: 10

Sport: JV boys lacrosse

Position: Midfield


What is the best part of this team?

“The best part of the team this year is the chemistry we have. We have all been playing together for a while, and there’s a lot of talent mixed with a lot of effort to create a solid team. Even though there are a lot of freshmen on the team, we still have a lot of communication and play really well together.”


Who is going to be a key player this year?

“Sawyer Bosch is one of the starting d-poles from last year. He is a very smart and talented player and is going to be here all season and will lead our defense. He is always good to have on the back line because he helps everyone communicate and figure out what to do.”


What are some team goals for this year?

“One of our team goals is to beat Brother Rice and DCC this year. These are two top programs in the state and it would be really cool to beat them after a win last year.”


What is a personal goal of yours this season?

“I am not a key player for our team, just because there are so many guys in my position, so I just want to be the best player I can be. That could be just being the best teammate I can be, or just pushing our other players to be the best they can be.”


Are there any quotes you live by?

“When you get knocked down get back up.”